Our journey started on 2018. It began with a true devotion and a simple wish: preservation of tradisional Batak ulos cloth.

Tobatenun was always more than just an enterprise. We had purpose on raising entrepreneurial spirit of fellow ulos maker in traditional villages in North Sumatra with a number of educational and training on ulos revitalisation of near extinct dying techniques and motifs

In doing our business we practice a fair trade program with our fellow woven artisans and suppliers. And helped communities thrive through our social and women empowerment activities

Eco-Friendly Natural Method

We encourage the use of environmentally responsible weaving methods

And practice environmentally friendly manufacturing process that emphasize on sustainability for the environment

Empowering our artisan ecosystem

We strive for equality and creating opportunities for women through our community fair trade program

raising our fellow artisan prosperity standards in traditional ulos maker villages in the Toba Lake area

Wide Impact Social Actions

Assisting the local traditional weaver community by initiating Jabu Bonang training house as a place to learn and educate for those who lack opportunities. To improve and raise social and financial welfare of the weavers' families
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