Ragi Idup Tarutung

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Ragi Idup Tarutung

Start from Regular price Rp 12.000.000,00
Unit price


Ragi Idup Tarutung is a traditional Batak cloth from Toba area. This cloth has several functions :

  • Passamot, Ragi Idup is given by the parents of the bride to the parents of the groom during the wedding ceremony
  • Pasu-pasu, used when someone's birthday or get a promotion or hold a certain position
  • Sappetua, wore by someone who already has grandchildren (marpahompu) to get this cloth at a traditional ceremony when his partner dies

The product is one of our revitalizing products, suitable for collector. Each product will have Tobatenun signature on the sirat



A special collection made for life’s most special moment. Tobatenun Wedding collection cherishing the most wonderful moment. Every collection of the wedding cloth is a feat of intricate craftsmanship. Made by local weavers with environmentally friendly materials. 



Motifs | Revitalization from old traditional weaving | ‘Idup’ means life in Batak language

Threads | 100% natural fiber | Cotton 

Natural Dye | 100% natural dyed | Ketapang (Indian-Almond), Secang (Biancaea sappan), Tingi (Ceriops candolleana), Jolawe (Terminalia bellirica)

Handmade Woven | Traditional back-strap loom, Gedogan

Craftman | Sigumpar, Toba Samosir, North Sumatra with assistance of Jabu Bonang

Research, Training & Production | 8 months

Packaging I Hard Box


Width x Height : 123 x 190 cm , Rumbai : 17 cm 


PRE-ORDER (price starts from IDR 12,000,000)

35 - 40% goes to our artisan partners

8 - 10% is for natural and quality materials sourced from SME partners

20 - 25% goes for operational, research and development

15 - 20% goes for enhancement platform

10% goes to sustainability development programs from community house, Jabu Bonang  

Currently we only produce revitalizing collections in a very limited quantities because we are still doing a lot of capacity building for craftsmen and to ensure quality is maintained

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